Visiting Cesky Krumlov – Why this unpopular place need to put to your Wishlist

Wanted to live in in 17th century? well this places deserve to get spotlight in your wishlist!.

Located in Bohemia, some people say it’s a little Prague or Prague without traffic. City architecture is combination between Renaissance and Baroque, you don’t need a lot of time to spend in this place, 20 minutes of walking could bring you to the other side of the town.

Cesky Krumlov Castle

Well, probably I always metioning Castle during my tour in Czech did I?, Since the country got hundred of Castles, but this is different than the others

Placed built on top of the hill and beautiful landscape perfect for taking picture. It's free of charge by the way.

A lot of Festival

Festival only held during summer or autumn. You can see Five-Petaled Rose Festival that which held in the summer. During this festival, the downtown area will turned into medieval town with craftsmen, artist,and local citizen in traditional costume.

If you love music, probably you should visit this city in the months of July and August. You can watch various genre and international artist.

On my experience, the city offer you with good landscape and tourist attraction with affordable price, keep in mind I only spend Kc 1000 for a room in middle of the city. If you doesn’t like local food or you have special diet, there are many restaurants that offer Asian dishes or vegan food.

But, The city kinda Hilly, for you who already old or backpain, probably will feel like a hiking.

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