Too poor to shoot in Macro?

*Me 3 years ago

Me: Hmmm… looks like I need to learn some Macro Photography (proceed to check Online Store to search Macro lens for Nikon).

* Price shows up
*my wallet

Many of people who just starting in photography will trying to find their own genre, some trying streetphotography, beauty or maybe just like me the Macro photography.

As a newbie, I really have a passion to saving some money to buy the a new lens. Despite I like macro photography, but my first lens the 35mm wasn’t build for macro nor the Pentacon 135mm which built for potrait. So what’s about the picture on your home page?.

Well, here’s the trick that I have been using for doing Macro

Extension Tube

There are dumb version and the smart version. what's the difference? the smart one got autofocus, the dumb not as simple as that and ya, the smart is much more expensive.

Don't confused with the lens extender, Extension tube is just piece empty steel tube. It has a purpose for shortened your minimal focus distance, in the picture below you can see a picture taken with Pentacon 135mm f/2.8 which has focus minimal distance of 1.5 meters

Shot with Pentacon 135mm f/2.8

By extension tube, I could turned the FMD (Focus minimal distance) to 30-40 cm. The Extension tube usually comes in various stack, the more thicker the stacks are, the more MFD you’ll get.

Sounds great right? But, there’s no perfect product. When you using it you will lose ability for infinity focus plus you will get vignetting depends on how the thickness.

Lens Diopter

It's a filter that mounted in front of your lens, basically you're putting a magnifying glass to your lens. It's light and won't add any length to your lens but, since there's no correction elements this, result in increasing the aberrations.

Usually, it comes in different level. You better using it in moderate level.

If you look to other article, you will find a lot of

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