Street Photography is Creep?-not really!



Police: Oi mate, did you just take a picture?

Me: Yeah, why?

Police: Delete that shi*t!

Me: No, why?

Police: Did you know that this place is area of National Police Headquarter!?

Me: Well, yeah so?


Police: You could jail for taking a picture in restricted area! Delete that!

It was true story you know, me and my friend were freaked out about that, i guess it’s not a creepy stories more like horrible stories but I guess it’s almost the same??!. So, when you’re doing Street Photography you need to realize about the location, you could get killed when shooting in area 51.

In London, there was a news about English photographer being beaten in the street of London. It went viral and rose pro and contra about that. Some people thinks the photographer deserved his beating, but is it totally creep? Here’s the reason why I’m disagree on this.

You are a pervert when you photograph people kissing

Some people thinks that the motivation of the photographer must have been perverted. On my opinion kissing not just about sex, it's connection between human. Photographer wanted to show a beautiful moment as relaxation from the shitty world.

Taking a picture of a children on the street? Pedophile!

Only a certified psychologist who can judge someone a pedophile. Photographer just wanted to show that it's beautiful about children that having fun on the street could making the audience remembering their childhood memory.

Taking a picture in a restricted area? Idiot!

On this part I'm agree, you could get hanged when you taking a picture of a secret place in North Korea. You would considered a spy when you did this. Just beware of the signs okay!.

For you who wanted to start a street photography maybe you will shy or nervous to take a picture of stranger. Here’s some video that I watched to boost my confident for street photography.

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