My Bad Preparation

Do you have a plan what we’re going to do? Yes!


Me: So, have you booked the place we’re going to stay?

Friend: Yeah I did, it quite cheap actually

Me: We’re going to buy 2 way ticket right?

Friend: No, we’re just buy it from Budapest and everything going to fun


Everything was not F.U.N


Hello, in this post I’m not going to post anything about reviewing a city, sharing tips on photography or reviewing products. But in today post I will share about my mistake that you most not do when your planning on your trip.

<align=justify> On 2018 I went to several city like Bratislava and Budapest. I was very busy with my project, and I asked my friend to do all the planning for the weekend. Well, the plan first city (Bratislava) was quiet well but, the second one? (Budapest) the plan was a mess, The hostel was a mess, buying ticket back to Brno? we took the wrong bust station and need to move to the other one and it’s far from each other.</align=justify>

I’m not here to blame my friend whose made a disastrous plan. But I want to give you for take it seriously when making an itinerary. So, as person who really love 


Many people have plan to stay at five star hotel, going to most popular bar or concert, and planning to go to many places in just few days, then it's a big challenge. If you have a sh*t tons of money and have a facility for not getting stuck in traffic well, you don''t have to worry.

Making Priority

I want to go to Paris, In there I want to visit Eiffel, Louvre, at noon I want to see Notre Dame, then I want to Arc de Triophe, at the evening I wanto to visit London and going to the nightclub in there!

Hang on a second, are you a speedster who can move from place to place in a second?. Make a priority, I know traveling could excite to many people but remember do not push too much for it, you'll get tired and ended up by getting exhausted by it.

Use Technology

Travelers should be tech savvy. There are many apps that could help you make an itinerary. Lost? you got app for that!, have an emergency situation? there's app for that!

Don't forget Your Paper

When you travel to EU countries, you can travel from country to country without doing stamp but, when sometimes some country have policy which enable them to do some inspection. A year ago I heard one of my friend got troubled for not bringing his passport during passing from Austria to Czech. He ended up spending his night in police station Luckily, his friend helped him by bringing his passport to Police Station.

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