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When i decided to join Aiesec as Global Volunteer, my friend asked me “do you want to be politician?”, well i haven’t decide it yet. But anyway, why they could thinking like i wanted to become a politician? well, since there are many of the alumni who successfully work in politics doesn’t makes this organization become politician printer.

Aiesec has purpose to become a platform that could be use by young people to develop their leadership potential. Fast forward to the end of the program, there are many lessons that I got not only leadership skill but also public speaking, English, and learning foreign culture.

There are three “products” that AIESEC could offer to you first, “Global Volunteer” which have a purpose to develop your leadership through a volunteering project by contrubuting to the sustainable development goals, the second is Global Talent which have purpose Develop your leadership while boosting your career prospects with an international internshop in your field and the last one is Global Entreprenuer which have purpose on Develop your leadership through an Entreprenuerial internship experience abroad. In my case I was sign up for Global Volunteer.

There are many places you can choose after you sign up, In this I story i choose European country, why? actually European country is not my first option, the first one was China, but since my parent said that I wouldn’t get many lesson because Chinese culture is not so different, so I guess that’s OK? and I could see snow for the first time! hahaha. Then, after i decide which continent that I want to go now, I just need to choose which country that I want. There are 3 candidates, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland. I chose Czech Republic, why? I remember that my senior was joined Global Volunteer in Slovakia, and I’m a typical person who loves to open a new path that’s why I chose them, how about Poland? Well, they’re not recommended by my “advisor” from my University AIESEC so, No.

There will be several stages before I go to Czech, first I need to apply to which city that I want to go, I chose Brno why? It’s big city in Czech, the living cost is not as pricy like Prague, the flight ticket is cheaper if you landing from Vienna, and it’s strategic place if you want to travel to other city. After I applied to the city that I want, I just need to wait until they send me some reply. After they send you a reply, they will ask for your time to do an Interview session, don’t worry the question won’t be difficult. If you pass the interview, they will send you invitation letter to assist you to make a visa.

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