Learn & Travel in Heart of Europe pt 5

I met my Georgian friend at the bus station in Prague (what a coincidence). He also just arrived from the place last week. It’s been so much fun after separated for a week.

We arrived in Brno at 17.00, when we jump off the bus there are some of our friends already waiting on the platform, my Chinese friend haven’t arrived yet because her bus got delayed so, the PIC decided to go the meeting point for giving us to the Host family.

You know based on my experience, living with host family is so much better than dormitory, even though you can doing so much thing like in the dormitory but if you like to live like locals do, this is the right place.

My host family for this week is 13 years old girl. She already have Aisec participant before me which from China, and her mother asked me if I could cook something from Indonesia for them (which I said yes), of course I won’t cooked another Indomie for them, I’ve running out of it anyway. So, I decided to open Youtube to find what easiest food that to cook which the ingredients are easy to find in Europe. 

When I arrived at their home, there are two dogs already sniffing and little bit barking at me, they have 2 dogs. They living in an Apartment with 2 bedrooms, but it quite comfort. Then, were doing a dinner.

In the next morning, I met her father, he just arrived at home at late because he was doing some futsal game with his friend. Then, we took a breakfast. Breakfast in here was quite simple, you need yogurt, granola, and a glass of milk but I don’t know why I already full, usually it’s not.

We just need to walk a few hundred meter from the apartment to the school. In this week we’re gonna teaching junior school (6-15 years old). Once we arrived, she directly accompany me to the Aiesec room, I’m the first one arrived, then there are several teachers comes by for saying hello and giving us some cake or food that they made.

Before the class started, the teacher make an announcement for students to gather in the gymnastics room. The Headmistress making announcement about our team. The student even make some athletics performance show.

After that, we were back to the AIESEC room so the PIC would like to show our schedule. The schedule suprisingly not very tight, at the end of the week I onlt teaching for 2 times a day.

Small age children has the most energy and I would say cute?. They have a lot of energy, even though they asked similar questions like “what is your favorite food, what is your favorite color, have you ever been in Czech before?” I wouldn’t tired with that Questions. You know, despite there are not many old generation that could speak english, this younglings speaks almost perfect even though some of them is too shy to talk.

It’s the time for me to cook for my hostfam. So, what the things that I will cook? after many videos that I have watch and comparing each ingredients that easy to find, my choice was fall to Fu Yung Hai. The ingredients wasn’t so hard to find, you can buy it in Chinese store. The hostfam says it’s look like Czech traditional food : Bramborecky.

It’s so glad that they said it was delicious and they asked me to write down the recipe. The dinner is spent with playing games and then watching Champions League. 

I love football, and my Hostfamily father also love it. The thing I really like when i watching the games was, you don’t have to staying up late for watching the Champions League.

Next morning I only have to classes to teach. I just got an email about our next school, thank god it’s not that far. During this weekend me and my friend will visit Bratislava and Budapest.


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