Learn & Travel in Heart of Europe pt 4

Three of us were lost in Prague, We were arrived in the wrong Bus Station so, we ordered another Uber to the right one. Luckily, there’s still many bus that heading to Plzen from Prague, It took 3 hours to get there.

We arrived at Bus Station in Plzen, there are already PIC from AIESEC in Plzen that have waiting for us. We still need to walked for around 20 minutes to go to the Train Station, we’re gonna teach in rural area of Plzen, I didn’t get information earlier.

Three of us are going to separate (again), I’m going to join with one group from AIESEC Plzen, we’re heading to village called Breznice. This group consisted with Indian, Brazilian, Chinese, Azerbaijan, Georgian, Ukrainian and me (Indonesian), the structure is more like my own group right?.The train arrived at 16.00, we need to buy two tickets since we need to drop off in one village and took another train to the place we heading. Once we drop off on the first station, there was a boy whose going to be PIC assistant that accompany us to the school.

We arrived at Breznice at 19.00, we met the school PIC that already waiting for us with his van. So, ladies and gentleman let me doing some check first, so you are from China, you from Brazil, he call each one of us until he stopped at me (which called the last)

     PIC: I didn’t know if you’re coming.

     Me: What?, there must be some mistake, the schedule and the AIESEC told                   me to go here. Let me contact them first.

     PIC: Well, no need to. Just coming with us and you’ll be fine. I will make some                re-arrangement for your schedule.

He’s pretty cool, he just doing it without making question to the responsible. He droves us to the school dormitory. There are some people we met when we walked towards our room. Our room located on the fourth floor of the building, it’s pain in the ass if you need to bring your heavy luggage by yourself, some of the girl even brought to heavy luggage, luckily there are some students helping us to bring it :D.

It took 15 minutes to fill some data and we will walk to the restaurant for a dinner. We were walked to the town center, I gotta tell you that even though it still around 20.00 there are so few people walking around here. The restaurant name was Usrpu (I don’t know how to pronounce it), the PIC pay everything! what a nice guy.

In the morning we gathered in principal office to meet with the rest of teacher, same like other school not many teacher could speak English, probably only English teacher that could speak English. During the gathering the PIC showing us the schedule for this week, since he think that I wasn’t suppose to be there he put us with my Chinese friend, we’re doing tandem.

 I guess all highschoolers have they own type of Class, for example Class 3A is all quiet students, Class 2B is combination between extrovert and introvert, while in one class filled with extrovert students. Maybe the school setting up the the classed based on their personality, I don’t know.

Beside teaching, we also allowed to join the class. Although we’re not really understand what the teacher saying the student will help you to translate (only if you join the class filled with student who can speak English)


Like in the previous school, we’re not just teaching in here, the teachers brought us for sightseeing. Click this for more

*Flashback to 2007

    Teacher: If you ask to European or American about what’s Indonesia famous                        for, they definitely answer Soekarno & Bali. Sometimes they only                              answer Soekarno, because sometimes they thought Bali is not in                              Indonesia territory, they think Bali is a country.

I thought my teacher was only bluffing at that time, until it happened to me for real, I asked the student what they know about Indonesia and they only know where it is, When I asking them does any one of you have ever been to Bali? and they respond what’s connection between Indonesia and Bali?. So, I spent 15 minutes to tell about the connection was.

This school was unlike the previous one, they still have a class until Friday. But for the last day, we held special event, yes it’s Global Village. We prepared since the night before, each of one cooked their traditional food. Me? I cooked Martabak Telor, and Fried Rice, this is the right time to crack open the legendary Indonesian food, Indomie!.

They like it!, legend was true, that ever human race on earth always like Indomie. 

In Thursday evening I got an email that I unite with my group in Brno (thanks god at last!), but I everyone in my group will be in Brno at Sunday afternoon. I don’t know for plan during weekend, and I asked some of friend in this week group if they have any plan, some of them just plan to stay at Plzen or going to Prague. I don’t want to go to Prague since I’ve visited it in the last week and I don’t want to stay in Plzen because literally there’s nothing in there and I also don’t want to spend more money. I’ve come up with idea that maybe if I’m asking the PIC if I could stay here until Sunday morning, I also tell my friend which also doesn’t have any plan for this weekend about this idea. The PIC agree!, well I just saved some money, and plus he just giving us a plan to visit some other places!, he’s totally an angel!.For payback, me and friends will pay for his lunch with us in Saturday.

In the next morning, he already waiting for us for accompany us to the train station. I gotta tell you I considered this group is like my own group although it’s not official.

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