Learn & Travel in Heart of Europe pt 3

In Sunday afternoon we’re ready to go to Trebic, PIC of my group responsible to take us to the bus station and tell us what do we need to do in order to go there. She telling us that there will be PIC from the school and our host family are going to wait at Trebic bus station.

FIY: You pay the ticket by yourself.

We took Regiojet and pay for 5 Euro. It’s already dark when we arrived in there, and I already see a bunch of people standing on the platform, I guess that’s our going to be Host family. And we were right, as soon as we get off from our bus, there’s lady which is PIC for this week. She was calling each of our name and introduces us to our hostfam.

My Host Family’s house located in the village name Benetice, it’s only able to reach by car or bus. We’re having a dinner when we arrived at home.

My Hostfam

I was very lucky to have loving hostfam, they really took care of me and cooked meal that not prohibited for me. In the next morning, we’re going to school at 6.30 A.M, I gotta tell you that it’s still totally dark. Since there’s not may people in here, the bus only available on a certain time, so if we missed this bus, we need to ride a car.

When we arrived at school, the PIC welcomed us then introduces us to the other teacher. The PIC then escorting us to AIESEC room, we’re doing briefing. She told us that there’ll be changing plan, in this week we’re going to assist the English teacher (which is her) for doing some game, in the nut shell we’re teacher assistants. 

In this week is quite suprising me, Education system in Czech was so much different than in my place, you won’t find Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in High school, and they only study for 1 subject at around 50 minutes, then there gonna be 10 minutes gap for breaktime, what wonderful system. Special for this school only, they only held study from Monday-Thursday! you get long weekend for this!.



Teaching could be amazing or awful, it’s amazing when the students are paying so much attentions, responsive to every question that you give. but, there are awful side of teaching especially when the students ignore you, quiet and kinda don’t care to every material that you brought. Now I know how my teacher feel.

This week not only filled with teaching, we’re also doing city tour! check this link to go to City Tour in Trebic.

I forgot to tell you that, in the end of the week, probably there’ll be Global Village, Global Village is time to show your country to this school you can bring your national flag, food, bills, everything that has correlation to your country

Also in the last day, they threw farewell party and they gave of a bag full of souvenirs!

In the Wednesday, I already run out of luck. Next week (third week), I’ll be transfer to AIESEC in Plzen, they have deficit in man power for Indonesian. Since I have a veryyyy long weekend, we make a plan to go to Cesky Krumlov and Prague for the weekend.

Click this link to go for the fourth week.

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