Learn & Travel in Heart of Europe pt 2

     Friend 1: I only got a few days for briefing.

     Friend 2: I only got 2 hours for briefing.

     Me : I got a whole week.

    Friend 1 & 2 : WTF

* 5 weeks earlier….

I arrived at Brno via Vienna at Sunday evening, when I arrived at the Bus Station, one of the representative will pick me up ant assist me to the money changer, buy subscription of public transportation, buy a sim card, and accompany me to go to my dormitory. 

FYI: You can gent 50% discount by using ISIC card when buy public transportation ticket

Speaking about my place, the dormitory that I live for awhile has quite good for the room, even though the bed was too small even man of my size (I wonder how the European could sleep on that bed), the shower? terrible, there was no door for each cubicle and it’s unisex, maybe you need to take a shower at midnight so there’ll be no one will see you naked.

The briefing started tomorrow morning, but in this evening my roomate wasn’t come yet, luckily the other my next room friend have arrived so, I won’t be lonely to spend the night. There are people from Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Brazil, and Georgia that live under the same dormitory.

In the next morning, another representative picked us up to give us some clue on how to get to the briefing room. It’s located in new building of Masaryk University, it took 15 minutes to get there. The room was like an auditorium that you will usually meet in your University. During this week, they going to give us some lessons about ” How not to make your student bored” and in the last day in this week, they gonna break all the people into several groups usually consisted with 5-7 people and there’ll be no 2 people from the same country in one group, they also going to take us to go around the city, which by the way my that the day that I’m waiting.

In Thursday, they finally announce my group. It’s lucky for me that I was given very solid team whose not crazy or maybe “mentally unstable” like other group. But, there was a bad news, next week we won’t be together because there some AIESEC from other group have deficit in human power from a certain country. Even it was a bad news but a still on my luck, there are 3 other people from my group that stay with me to the same school.

My school will be in the satellite city of Brno, It’s called Trebic. Next week I’ll be staying with my host family. Before I’m going to Trebic I will have some travel with my friends to Vienna in the weekend.

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