Learn & Travel in Heart of Europe pt 6

Arrived in Brno at 17.00, quite long travel because my bus was delay, but at least we arrived at the right time. There are some of my friends that have been waiting.

We took bus to the town name Sokolnice, it took 30 minutes by bus from Brno. Since it’s not in Brno anymore, we need to pay some money for the bus. Once we arrived, we directly walked to our room.

In the next morning, PIC from the school knocking each one of our door and welcoming us, he also giving to every one of us a sandwich for breakfast. We walked to the teacher’s room to meet the other teacher (of course) and the head master. We teaching pupils around 13-18 years old, the school itself is categorized as Vocational school so, it means they only teach technical stuff like electricity and machinery.

Things getting more interesting after we found out that we’re not only teach Czech students, we also teach Serbian students. The differences between Serbian and Czech definitely the language, based on my experience, I guess Czech students are kinda bit shy? the Serbian was more active and more responsive.

In the last day, we’re not doing some Global Village in here, they said the school didn’t have much time because the students are will be in exam week in the next week.


I’ve got an email from stranger:

                   Greetings From Austrian Alps!. We are Skiing. If you want you can go skiing with us on weekend.

Well, I guess he’ll be my next host family. See!, there are lot of kind people in here. Even though I’m stranger to them, but they trust in me by inviting to their holiday!. But, I couldn’t go with them because I’ll be in Krakow this weekend.

So, anyway were finish for this fifth week, please proceed to the next week for more stories!

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