City Tour- Trebic

Picture taken from St. Procopius Basilica

If you like small city with not so many tourists probably this one will attract you. Located just few hours from Brno laid down the city in region of Vysocina, It was established since 1277 there’s a city called Trebic.

The city itself populated with approximately 35.000 people, and total area around 57.6 km2. This city is quite fun to walk, I would say the pedestrian is has very good condition. The public transportation is also good, even though it’s not reaching to the most corner of the city and it also won’t available in certain time (especially at night).

How about tourist sights ? well, the city itself was establish since 13th century, of course there are many historical places. If you arrive by bus, you probably only see building in the communist era, but when you walk to the oldtown, now it’s time to enjoy the sight.

City Tower

Probably the highest building in the city (75m). You will see it when you arrive.Only open on certain schedule.

This tower built as fortification or usually people called it Watch tower. When you climbing at least 160 steps, you can see the amazing view city of Trebic.

Jihlava River

Before walking to Jewish quarry, you will walk pass to this river. Perfect for streetphotography.

Rear Synagogue & Seligmann Bauer's House

The Synagogue was built in the year of 1669. It had been used for religion purpose until 20s, After the World War II ended it served as store. In 2003, UNESCO listed this building as World Heritage.

Meanwhile the Seligmann Bauer's was just a house, after reconstruction it turned into Jewish Museum.

Basilica of St. Prokopius

From on top of the hill, you can see a Romanesque-Gothic style Basilica of St. Prokopius. This Basilica was built in 13th, in year of 1468 it was damaged because of war then in the next centuries it used as secular purpose such as brewery, stable and granary. In Waldstein reign the Basiica turned back to it's original purpose, as religious house and dedicated to St. Procopious

Jewish Cemetery

Probably the largest Jewish cemeteries in the country and listed as World Heritage from UNESCO. Located in north area of Hradek's hill.

There are more than 10.000 graves and around 3000 tombstone the oldest tombstone could track back to 1631.

Vinohradek Nad Babou

Want to eat Czech traditional dishes? this is the best place to go. Friendly staff, good food, and has classical styled interior will boost your comfort.

Trebic will give you experience on classical architecture and history in one little place, as far as my view the city transportation won’t give you until the corner of the city. The city kinda hilly, so probably is not fit for elderly people or you have backpain.

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